Creating Flower Business®

About us

De Ruiter has consciously worked on the development of the product rose in its more then one hundred years of existence. We were also at the cradle of pot rose cultivation. Nowadays, in addition to cut and pot roses, we also breed spray roses, patio and landscape roses, cut and pot hypericum, hip roses, anigozathos and hydrangeas.

Started as a family business, we have grown into an organization with international fame in the field of breeding and propagation of all types of roses. Since 2015, De Ruiter has been awarded the title “Purveyor to the Royal Household” by the Dutch King.

Our vision and mission

Vision: Creating Flower Business® where we strive to optimally serve every link in the floriculture supplychain: from grower to florist.

Mission: The development and commercialisation of new, improved and marketable rose/flower varieties, through:

  • Interactive communication with the flower sector;
  • Continious integration with strategic partners, key players and influencers in the market;
  • Market acceptance while maintaining contacts throughout the supplychain;
  • Introduction of high quality varieties which stand out in the market and thus strengthen the global position of De Ruiter.

Breeding & Selection

Research & Development forms the basis for De Ruiter’s innovative business.

Keywords for our breeding are: plant health, productivity, uniformity, forms of transport, colors, scent, cultivation techniques, environmental requirements and vase life. For the breeding & selection program, De Ruiter makes use of data-based breeding in addition to traditional breeding and selection methods.

By continuously collecting market data, De Ruiter Innovations can respond to all specific requirements or petitions from the supply chain.

For the development of disease resistant and sustainable varieties, De Ruiter participates in scientific research together with universities and scientific research organizations in the field of biogenetics, marker techniques, DNA fingerprints, pheno- and genotyping.

Thanks to our longstanding experience, we detect the various uses for our varieties early in the selection process.

Breeding takes place at the head office in the Netherlands and at our location in Kenya. The moderate climatic conditions of our advanced greenhouses guarantee an optimal breeding process.

Head office The Netherlands

Our varieties are traded all over the world. Agents and representatives monitor and introduce our products.

National and international contacts with agents, growers, propagators, marketers, exporters, sales organizations and supermarkets are coordinated daily from the head office in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

The emphasis is on People and Planet. De Ruiter continuously invests in its people through expanding knowledge, training, research and making aware about how De Ruiter wants to do business in a socially responsible manner.

The environmental aspects of breeding and selection on location are continuously evaluated in order to use more biological and less harmful or chemical pesticides. The supply chain partners are involved in this process and it is pointed out that the newly developed varieties are more disease resistant and as a result require less pesticides or water, which reduces the ‘carbon footprint’ and allows the grower to produce in a more sustainable way.

De Ruiter uses the norms prescribed by various quality labels, such as ISO 9000, Fairtrade and MPS. De Ruiter sets high standards for itself in order to obtain the best varieties with the least environmental and socio-economic impact.


In order to optimally serve our worldwide customers, De Ruiter Innovations has test and show greenhouses in the regions of Europe, Africa, South America, India and China, which are production areas with different climatic conditions, solar radiation and cultivation techniques.

The aim of our regional policy is to serve the local markets and to introduce further differentiation in our assortment of products. Our roses are exported by growers and traders in large numbers all over the world from these most important production areas for rose cultivation.

Meet my Roses®

The slogan Meet my Roses® covers various marketing concepts of De Ruiter. With this communication slogan we draw B2B, online and offline, attention to our varieties.

We offer our relations the opportunity to tell their story about the rose craft on the Meet my Roses® platform: the product, the grower, the wholesaler, the exporter, the supermarket, the florist and the marketplace.

With Meet my Roses® we show and speak to the people who are behind the rose product. Stories about their craft, passion, drive and craftmanship.

With Meet my Roses, De Ruiter creates a preferential position for its roses with the trade and consumers by stimulating the demand for our roses. Our growers benefit from this, who meet the demand with their offer.

Under the guidance of our head office and our agents worldwide, we take our relations into the world of the rose. From our test field to the end product for the consumer. With the aim of a good return for all our supply chain partners.

Meet my Roses® is our proof of Creating Flower Business®.