Creating Flower Business

Creating Flower Business is our credo. We strive to serve every link in the floraculture business chain: From grower to consumer. We make this happen with our Meet my Roses concept.

About us

Founded almost a century ago, De Ruiter has been working continuously on the breeding and improvement of the rose as a product.

Originally a family business, De Ruiter has since grown into an organisation of international renown in the breeding and propagation of numerous varieties of roses.

Breeding programmes

De Ruiter has developed breeding programmes for cut roses, hip roses, Freiland roses, pot roses, patio roses, garden roses.

The key aspects of plant health, productivity and uniformity, transport properties, colours, cultivation technology, environmental requirements and longevity.

The extensive experience we have at De Ruiter helps us to create a distinction between varieties for different purposes at an early stage in the process.

Breeding and propagation take place at our headquarters in The Netherlands. The consistent climate conditions and modern greenhouses equipped with advanced regulation systems have always produced optimum breeding and propagation results.

Head office The Netherlands

The varieties we breed are sold all over the world, supported by our team of agents and representatives.

Contact with our international agents, growers, propagators, marketers, export firms, sales organisations and supermarkets are coordinated on a daily basis from the De Ruiter head office in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

Socially responsible entrepeneurship

In addition to the strict selection criteria it employs in the areas of cultivation technology, transport and growth properties, shape, colour, scent, production and longevity, De Ruiter Innovations takes seriously the major responsibilities facing today’s generation of entrepreneurs, such as environmental awareness and socially responsible entrepreneurship.


With the aim of bringing added value to the market, De Ruiter Innovations has set up partnerships in Europe, Africa and South America, India and China.

The differences in altitude, micro-climate and cultivation technology are a determining factor in the many regions where De Ruiter Innovations has set up its show and test greenhouses.

These are the most important production areas and roses from these countries are exported in large quantities all across the globe by growers and traders. The goal of this policy based on regional selection is to serve local markets and enhance our product range with a higher level of differentiation.

Test and show facilities

Our test and show facilities all across the globe are constantly kept up to date through the continuous supply of new codes, making De Ruiter an interesting partner for growers, exporters, marketeers, supermarkets and other participants in the chain.

In our test center at in Amstelveen (the Netherlands), codes and varieties from all over the world are tested regularly in our climate-conditioned blossoming house, which satisfies all international standards and requirements.

Meet my Roses

Meet my Roses is The Ruiters’ marketing concept. With the communication slogan we generate attention through B2B, B2C, online and offline. We offer all our relations the possibility to tell their story on our Meet my Roses stage: The grower, wholesale, exporter, florist and the market place. 

Through Meet my Roses we show the people behind the product and let them tell their story. Stories about trade, passion, motivation and craftsmanship. 

The Meet my Roses marketing concept brings demand and supply together. Meet my Roses creates a preferred position for our roses at trade and consumers, and helps our growers improve and increase sales.

Our head office and agents worldwide take our business relations into the world of the rose. From our test facilities to the creations of our consumers. All with one goal: A good return on investment for all our partners. 

Meet my Roses is our proof of Creating Flower Business.