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Flor Expo Ecuador, October 2022

Expo Brasil, May 2022

Roadshow Russia April 2022

WF&SA show in Miami and presentation at EQR Miami

Open Days De Ruiter East Africa, February 2022

Open Days in Ecuador, March 2022

Open Days De Ruiter Colombia, March 2022

FloriWorld De Ruiter Cocktail, November 2021

DREA Show House Impression

DRER Show House Impression

DREA Hypericum day, December 2021

DREA Open House, November 2021

Open House De Ruiter Innovations, November 2021

IFE Miami 2021

Flowers Moscow 2021

Exposed Ecuador in Cayambe

Evento Fiestas de Quito 2019

IFTF 2019

Proflora Colombia 2019

HortiFlor Ethiopia 2019

Exposed 2019

IFTEX Nairobi 2019

Open House DR Kenya 2019

Open House DR Ecuador 2019

Open House DR Colombia 2019