There’s a perfect Bubbles for every florist

Who doesn’t love roses? My God, I love working with good quality roses and if I can get a peony or garden-shaped rose as a bonus, I’m all in! As a florist, I need good quality flowers; flowers that stand out and invite customers into my shop. As a flower wedding designer, things are even more complicated because I need to add creativity to quality.

Florists Need Good Quality Flowers
I don’t like adding too many flowers or different textures to my designs. I usually keep them simple yet complicated at the same time, using one strong flower and putting it in the center of attention. The Three Musketeers created by De Ruiter – an organization with international fame in the field of breeding and propagation of all types of roses – are a great example of strong focal flowers and are a delight to work with.

Misty Bubbles, Sweet Bubbles, and Romantic Bubbles
Misty Bubbles has a great peony shape and for a spray rose, it’s incredibly strong. It also shines through its nice purple metallic color and multiple big heads. On one single stem, you get multiple big inflorescences (7-8 cm diameter) which makes this spray rose a must-have for a flower shop. Due to the splendor of the branches, a bouquet of these spray roses looks spectacular and at the same time gentle. The Bubbles spray roses have a great vase life of 8 to 10 days and they’re available on the market in 60- 80 cm length.

Sweet Bubbles is also a beautiful strong spray rose that I would normally use in flower bouquets, but not today. Today I was determined to create an unexpected vintage luxury rose garden that can make a wedding more interesting. So my spray roses selection: Misty Bubbles, Sweet Bubbles, and Romantic Bubbles, helped me design this space full of life.

The Romantic Bubbles spray rose is delicate. It’s a great spray rose to be used in a bridal bouquet. The peach salmon color of this variety makes it a suitable one for summer light designs.

De Ruiter’s Bubbles Collection
Looking deeper into De Ruiter’s Bubbles spray roses collection, they have approximately 40 varieties with different shapes and colors, and for sure every florist can find the perfect Bubbles. All the roses I’ve tested so far from the Bubbles collection have strong stems, large inflorescences, a great vase life ( 8- 12 days), no scent, moderate thorns (Misty, Romantic, and Sweet), and a 60-80 cm stem length.

I’m looking forward to trying new assortments but in the meantime, I’m inviting you to my vintage, luxury urban garden, that you can enjoy in the video below.