Roses are constant in-demand flowers, and this is no different for their favorite siblings, spray roses. The popularity of spray roses is astounding these days. De Ruiter East Africa knows how beloved the sprays are among traders and florists worldwide, and that’s why nowadays there’s an impressive assortment of spray roses to choose from, ranging from regular spray roses to real niche varieties.

The Popular Demand for Spray Roses

Not only the demand for standard roses but also for spray roses has increased significantly over the years. The popularity of the worldwide number one cut flower brings a constant challenge for breeders, growers, traders, and florists to keep on innovating and improving the assortment. Some trendy sprays are Misty Bubbles, Lavender Bubbles, Peony Bubbles, Special Dimension, and Constellation, according to the people from De Ruiter East Africa, who always aim to meet the critical demand for quality and innovation for the floral chain.

They Might Just Be the Sweetest Flowers Around

Spray roses are often found in small bouquets, such as bridal ones and corsages. The bright foliage makes a beautiful contrast to the gorgeous flowers, and they are ideal for any small decoration. They might just about be the sweetest little flowers around. While they have the natural attraction and beauty of a rose, the overall feel of spray roses is softened by their delicate and intricate features.

Smaller spray roses are perfect for wrist corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces but you can also combine them with other flowers and greenery in bigger arrangements and designs for a thick and lush appearance. And with so many spray roses with big head sizes available these days, it’s not uncommon for florists to create mono-bouquets, putting the sprays center stage.

De Ruiter East Africa

The breeding and selection of De Ruiter’s roses takes place at different locations around the world. In the Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, Russia, China, and, of course, Kenya. The perfect climatic conditions of their advanced greenhouses guarantee an optimal breeding process. De Ruiter has consciously worked on the development of the product rose in its more than one hundred years of existence. They were also at the cradle of pot rose cultivation. In addition to cut and pot, patio, landscape roses, and other flowers like hypericum, rosehip, anigozanthus, and hydrangea, they also breed spray roses. What started as a family business, has grown into an organization with international fame in the field of breeding and propagation of all types of roses.