Roses that have proven to be true winners

Sweet Unique Roses

It’s quite uncommon that specific rose varieties last for many decades. When talking to florists over fifty years old, they can name all kinds of roses they used to work with that have been replaced with other varieties. Most names from back then are gone. The Sweet Unique rose is the outlier, as this variety is in fashion for over two decades now.

The Twenty-year Rule

We’ve all looked back at old photos of our parents and cringed. Dad in his velvet suit, mum in her gaucho trousers. Through modern eyes, this clothing treads a fine line between charming and mortifying, but there’s a time when their seemingly dated wardrobe choices will start to appear in yours. It’s all thanks to the twenty-year rule – the time it takes for a trend to die, then become fashionable again. The twenty-year rule holds true for music, decor, television, film, and art more broadly. Consider some of your favorite television shows from the past ten years, and there’s a good chance there’s at least one 90s remake or spinoff among them.

Most Flower Varieties Have Been Replaced by Newer, Better Performing Varieties

This is also being seen in the floral industry. We just saw the comeback of dried flowers and bohemian-styled floral arrangements. When looking back at pictures of floral designs of over two decades ago, you won’t see many flower varieties still being offered today. Most flower varieties have been replaced by newer, better-performing varieties.

Picture by @forestdwellerr

Not the Rose Sweet Unique Though

But, it’s not uncommon to come across many pictures of floral designs with the rose Sweet Unique throughout the last two decades. This variety has been in fashion for more than two decades, and still, Sweet Unique is a widely demanded rose. This is quite remarkable, not many varieties of flowers stand the test of time so well.

Picture by Tessacorp

New Rose Creation

Creating a new rose is a unique mix of art and science requiring patience and dedication. From pollination to sale the whole process of creating a new rose takes around ten years. And breeders are constantly looking for better specifications in the roses. Also, the breeders from the De Ruiter company, the creators of the rose Sweet Unique, are constantly looking for better and improved varieties: a new, or brighter color, or thicker and longer (or shorter) stems, and better vase life. But you have to understand that also a lot of attention in the selection and breeding process goes to the grower, and his or her needs. For example better-growing specifications (like heat-, and disease resistance), the yield, better transportable varieties, you name it.

A True Winner

You can really say that Sweet Unique roses have proven to be true winners. Despite the efforts by all breeders in the world to create a competing pink rose, Sweet Unique is still rocking. There still has to be found a pink rose that can replace or outperform Sweet Unique roses.

“Know your roses… Sweet Unique Rose… We do get these beauties often…” @floralcouturebynikky

When Is a Rose a Succes?

First and foremost its success depends mainly on the consumer’s (and florists) experience. The rose Sweet Unique is in high demand for over two decades because of its great appearance and use for consumers. If roses are not performing well in people’s houses, there’s a substitute quickly to replace varieties.

One of the Best Pink Roses

It’s truly one of the best Pink roses. Just like the name suggests, this rose is sweet and unique. Its creamy pink hue soothes the senses and pleases the eyes. The roses are great for mono bouquets and are used often used in mixed bouquets and other flower arrangements. Floral designers around the world love to work with Sweet Unique roses. They are great for any event that wants to create a feeling of happiness and admiration. Sweet Unique Roses amplify the beauty of any floral design one can imagine.

“Very excited to see our rose of the week… Sweet Unique” – @knappflowershop