Beauts for Valentine, which is your fav?

The Red Big Five
De Ruiter, breeder of cut roses, pot roses and other cut flower varieties such as hydrangea, rose hips, and anigozanthos, is proud of their red and pink beauts for valentine. Which is your fav?

Ever Red®, Rhodos®, Furiosa®, Born Free®, and Flanna® are the members of the Red Big 5 variety collection
The Red Big 5 roses are five red T-Hybrid cut rose varieties, and are produced at various altitudes in Kenya. Easy available in the floriculture chain.

Ever Red®

Most florists are familiar with the Ever Red®, a pure and truly deep red rose, Rhodos®, a sizzling red and world famous.


Furiosa® is another from the Big 5. It is a deep red with strong petals and full opening. Additional winners will be Born Free® (a full blooded red), and Flanna® (beautiful velvet red with a strong vase life).

Good News from South America
De Ruiter also has good news from South America, where the customers of De Ruiter currently produce two red cut rose varieties.

The variety Cupido®. De Ruiter speaks of ‘vitamins for love and heart’. Is it in the name? Cupido® is a high quality variety with more than 6.0 cm bud size. With a unique color, and a long vase life. Straight and long stems without thorns.


Born Free®
Born Free® is de Ruiter’s newest winner (within reds) from South America. With a budsize more than 5 cm, and bright red color, Born Free® is a promising variety. Born Free® is also always opening, even after a long journey. Seafright is not a problem at all! Which opens opportunities for more sustainable transportation means. Resistant to botrytis and perfect size for each segment. A full blooded red and beautiful variety.

Born Free®

Eastern Europe
In Eastern Europe De Ruiter lately introduced Rousseau®, a warm romantic red variety, long stems and long vase life. We will see a lot more of this new winner in the coming months.


Only Red’s? No, There Are Pinks too!
Within the pink colors, De Ruiter has plenty to offer. De Ruiter has a Pink Big Five® variety selection from Africa.

From South America the varieties Pink X-pressions®, Mandala®, Rhoslyn®, Dark X-pression® and Opala® belong to the proud pink collections of De Ruiter South America.

Pink X-pression®

All pink varieties have one common characteristic that they all open beautifully in the vase, are strong in transport and have a long vase life.

Keep Calm, Buy Flowers
All in all, rose breeder De Ruiter has in recent years bred a fine selection of red and pink rose varieties and introduced them to the international floriculture chain. In the days before Valentine De Ruiter sincerely hopes that the flower industry can make use of all the offerings that have been introduced over the years and that are yet to come.

Keep calm, buy flowers and say it with De Ruiter Valentine roses.